Pawn Shops against Fast Cash Online Service Providers

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Pawn Shops against Fast Cash Online Service Providers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was an agency which received praise from around the country as it stood as a symbol of hope for the economy of United States of America. But it’s suspicious manner of functioning coupled with its unmindful rules and regulations has led to people distrusting the organization. One such instance where the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has shocked the masses has been caused by the proposal of new rules and regulation on payday loaning. These strategically designed regulations are set to completely wipe out the majority of the payday lenders and providers of services like fast cash online and other such emergency cash provision services.

These new regulations are also set to control the practice of, ‘auto title lending’ or, ‘car title lending’ – a financial advance of a small sum of money given for a short duration of time which requires the borrower to give the moneylender the title of his or her automobile. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new rules are also expected to possibly even crumple low scale and low cash advancing by banks and credit associations. But the new set of CFPB’s regulations will not rattle the pawn brokers. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau explicitly left out pawn shops from their guidelines because they think of them as an improved option over payday loaning for people in a desperate need for cash.

Payday moneylenders are feeling cornered and victims of partiality. The special protection given to pawn shops by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau looks highly discriminatory to legally registered payday lenders. In the future, exactly what and how pawn shops will benefit from these changes in the system is a matter of guesswork, but some criticizers of payday advances are certain that people in a desperate need for cash will be well treated by putting their trust in pawn shops over payday creditors. The agency’s reason is that pawn shops do not source the difficulties that inspired them to levy the new rules on payday loaning.

The guidelines were supposed to put an end to the vicious, ‘debt traps’. A vicious cycle where debtors take out credits with exceedingly high rates of interest to evade a temporary emergency, and then they start falling profoundly into further debt and liability in trying to pay back the amount of loan which keeps increasing. The statistics and numbers provided by the agency showed that ‘debt traps’ are very common and are happening all over the country. Nine out of ten payday advances are rolled over or trailed by one more advance in two weeks. Almost fifty percent of payday advances are part of an order where the debtor is seen eventually taking over 10 loans. With rates of interest reaching over 300%, those charges usually find themselves to be greater than the original amount of loan that was taken. This is the major reason behind the agency demonizing the payday lenders.

The Pawning industry, however, does not present similar types of danger to its customers. The debtor is never at risk of dwindling into a sequence of debt. If anyone is unable to recompense the credit, the broker merely keeps a hold of the pawned piece and the deal is concluded then and there.

In its projected regulation, the agency gave out two other motives behind classifying pawning as an industry superior to payday lending. The motives were psychological and practical. Firstly, people are more likely to fear to lose a physical item over calculating the long term ill-effects of loaning at high rates for fast cash online. Secondly, the pawned article that the dealer takes is not as much likely to upset the debtor’s capability to toil and harm him financially.

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Fast Cash: Can You Get Fast Money with Online Personal Loans?

Jun 24, 2013 by

Fast Cash: Can You Get Fast Money with Online Personal Loans?

You don’t ever hear people saying that they need money eventually, do you? Of course not! When we run into financial needs, we need fast cash. There is just no time to wait around for weeks to receive that next pay check when the expenses just keep on rolling in. Heck, if things get too bad in between paydays, you might even have to fork up money to pay steep overdraft fees to the bank. To avoid all of the negative things that can happen when your paycheck doesn’t stretch as far as you’d like it to, you can get online payday loans to help out with those expenses that keep on coming your way.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that potential borrowers need to understand about online payday advance loans. Along the way, we’ll discuss some of the benefits customers get when they take out online personal loans from the top payday lending companies in the country.

Unsecured Loans for Fast Cash Access

A big benefit of payday loans is that there is no need for you to offer collateral to your lender. This fact makes online payday cash advance loans unsecured loans. The big banks may like to require their customers to put up security for long term loans. But payday lenders will never ask you to make your property the security against your loan. It’s nice to be able to borrow money without collateral.

Bad Credit Loans Revealed

Do you have a low credit score? The industry term for a lower credit rating is “subprime.” If you’re credit score is subprime – less than 700 – you may be surprised to find out that it is possible to qualify for an online payday advance loan. Fast cash loans are offered to people despite bad credit scores. If you’re employed and have a bank account, you have the bases covered for fast loan processing and approval.

fast_cash_gir1_bFast Cash Loans – How Long Until You Get Your Cash?

Let’s cut to the chase here. We’re talking mostly about how to get fast cash. So how long will it take you to receive money after your loan application gets approved? Most of the time, online customers receive their cash one banking day after they receive their approval notifications. You may even be fortunate enough to receive your loan money in about 24 hours or so.

Can I Pay Off my Payday Loans Fast?

It is strongly recommended that you pay off your loan quickly. Most online customers fully repay their lenders two weeks after they get their loans. When you pay your loan in two weeks, you prevent yourself from unnecessarily accumulating more long term bills to pay each month.

What Kind of Fees do Fast Cash Lenders Charge?

Every loan comes with loan fees that must be paid. And while loan fees do vary between lenders, you only have to pay a one-time loan fee when you borrow fast cash online. People who pay loans back late are subject to additional fees, which is another reason to ensure that you fully repay your loan in two weeks’ time.

Fast Cash for any Circumstance

How you use the money you borrow is up to you. You could pay bills, purchase groceries or just hold onto the cash as spending money for the next few weeks. You are never required to report why you are borrowing money or to account for how you spend your fast cash.

Our Conclusion on the Ultimate Way to get Fast Cash

These days there’s just no good reason to go without money if you’re counting down the days until your pay check arrives. Online payday advance cash lenders make it possible for all working people to keep their bank accounts from completely reaching empty. If you have important expenses you need to attend to, but no cash on hand, this may be your day to apply for a fast cash payday loan to help with those all important bills and expenses.

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Fast Cash: Payday Loans for Fast Money Access

Jun 10, 2013 by

Fast Cash: Payday Loans for Fast Money Access

It seems like the words “Fast” and “Cash” just seem to go together so very well, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get fast cash when you really need it. If you’ve ever been a few days or even a few weeks away from your next pay check, you probably can agree with us when we say that not having enough money on hand is very stressful indeed.

But just because your boss doesn’t cut a check for you for a few weeks that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go without paying bills or making purchases. When you go online to get a payday loan, you can get the fast cash you are after to help make ends meet. Read on through every word of this article to find out all you need to know about getting your fast cash needs met online.

Unsecured Loans

It’s not unusual for big money lenders to ask you to put up some security to get a long term, big money loan. If you have a mortgage or big car loan, it’s highly likely that these loans are secured loans – loans where you have put up your own, personal property as collateral. Well, if you don’t like putting your possessions on the line, like that, you will be relieved to find out that your online payday loans are always unsecured loans. You do not have to put up any of your possessions as security when you get these kinds of loans online.


Bad Credit Loans

Nothing can make you feel worse than having bad credit. Some banks, credit unions and credit card companies will flat out refuse to offer you even the smallest of loans if you have less than perfect credit. Our network of payday lenders, however, is the exception to the rule when it comes to getting a cash loan with bad credit. You see, these lending companies are happy to provide loans to people who have credit problems. If you don’t like the feeling of getting turned down for a loan because of your credit, you’ll certainly enjoy applying for a cash loan online without submitting a credit check.

Personal Loans

Personal loans should be all about giving you the money that you need for any of your purchasing or bill paying needs. Unfortunately, some lenders want to stick their noses in your business and actually require you to tell them just why you wish to borrow money. Payday lenders do not ask you for this information. These companies treat personal loans as just that – personal! You can use the money that you borrow from these online lenders to pay bills, make purchases or just use to have some fun with. You never have to explain why it is that you are seeking out a loan.

Payday Loans for Fast Cash

Once your payday advance loan application is approved, you can expect to receive your money in one banking day. This fast money delivery speed amounts to most people getting their cash in 24 hours or so. As long as you apply during regular business hours, you will more than likely get your money on the next day. However, if you apply after hours or during the weekend, you may notice a slight delay of a day or two to get your funds directly deposited into your checking account or savings account.

Payday Advance Loans – The Ultimate Fast Cash Loans

Here are some of the main reasons that people consider payday loans the ultimate method to get fast cash:

  • These loans are easy to apply for.
  • Loan processing and approval happens quickly.
  • You actually do get your money fast – via direct deposit.
  • You get to pay your loan off in a few weeks.
  • You can use the money for anything you want to use it for.

You can probably agree, after having read all of this information about payday loans, that there are not any other loans available today that offer you the sheer convenience and speed that you get from today’s best online payday lenders.

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Payday Loans – An Example of how to get Personal Loans Online

Apr 23, 2013 by

Payday Loans – An Example of how to get Personal Loans Online

When you’re making decisions about borrowing money, things can often be confusing and overwhelming. This is especially true for people who need to take out their first payday loans. The first time you do anything in life; it’s easy to get intimidated and/or confused. To help you along with your loan, it is helpful to have a roadmap that will tell you what to expect.index_10

In an effort to provide you with a map of what you can expect when taking out online payday loans, we’ve put together an example scenario for you. Follow along as we take a fictional customer through the entire online money borrowing process.

An Unsecured Loan is needed

To get things started, our fictional character decides that he needs to borrow some money to pay for an unforeseen expense. This person gets paid at work in two weeks, but is flat broke right now. The first thing that he needs to do is to decide how much money he needs to borrow. Since payday advance lenders offer loans between $100 and $1500, our guy decides to borrow $500.

He then uses the loan application form that he found on this website. This allows him to submit a request and know that it will be paired up with a top lender for quick approval. But as he’s getting ready to fill out the application our borrower realizes that he has bad credit and wonders if it will be a problem.

Bad Credit Loans for People with Credit Problems

It turns out that our online customer can relax. You see, the network of lenders that you’ll work with via this website do not deny loans to people with bad credit. When our borrower fills out the secure payday loans application, he notices that there is no space to fill in information about his credit history. This is because his credit doesn’t come into the equation for loan approval.

The Application Process for Fast Cash

To fill out the loan request form, our fictional borrower fills in the following information:

• The amount of money he needs to borrow
• His basic contact information
• Information about his checking or savings account
• Employment information and his upcoming pay schedule

With this information filled in, he is ready to submit his request for approval.

Money in the Bank with Fast Cash Loans

The next thing that happens is that our friend gets loan approval notification in his email inbox. He then agrees to the terms of the loan and is on his way to getting fast money. His unsecured loan will be delivered in full to his bank account via direct deposit. When the loan repayment date rolls around, his loan payment is made electronically and he is free and clear.

As you can see, the entire process is fast, easy and free of the hassles you run into with conventional bank loans.

Putting the Payday Loans Process to Work for you

Now that you’ve seen a basic overview of how the online unsecured loan process works, you can get started on your own payday advance loan. You are already on this site, so why not take a few minutes to fill out and submit the loan application form we have put in place for you. Getting your online payday loans couldn’t be any easier…

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Fast Cash: How to Get Unsecured Loans Online

Apr 18, 2013 by

Fast Cash: How to Get Unsecured Loans Online

When you’re bank account is running on empty, and you still have awhile to wait until you get paid at your job, things can get pretty stressful. We all know that bills, emergencies and everyday expenses simply cannot wait until we have a fresh supply of cash in our bank accounts. So where do you go when you need fast cash? If you’re like a lot of other hard working folks, you might think about taking out a payday advance loan. These loans are among the fastest paying loans around, and are relatively easy to apply for.

Bad Credit Loans – No Credit Check Required

One of the things that customers really like about fast cash loans is that there are no credit checks required in order to get approved for a loan. If you’ve had to contend with problems related to your bad credit score, you know how difficult it can be to get a loan or line of credit. The payday advance lenders that you’ll work with via this website do not use your credit history when they go about approving loan applications.

Personal Loans Applications Take Only Minutes to Fill out and submit

woman with laptop on the sofa

Filling out some loan applications can be a real lesson in patience. You often have to fill out dozens of forms and provide a whole lot of paperwork just to get your application submitted. Thankfully, though, when you are requesting an online fast cash loan, you don’t have to jump through so many hoops. In fact, all you really need to do to get the ball rolling on your upcoming loan is to submit the simple loan application form we have created for you on this website. This application will then be sent to the top lenders in the industry for nearly immediate loan approval

Payday Loans – Should You Extend your Loan Terms?

One practice you should avoid is filing for an extension on your payday loan. When you file to pay your loan on a later date, you will have to pay additional loan fees. Of course, if you simply cannot pay your loan in full on the original loan repayment date, you may have no choice than to file for a loan extension. To save yourself some money, though, you should avoid loan extensions at all costs.

Fast Cash Loans Simplified

It’s not difficult at all to apply for your payday loan right now. Once you have applied, you’ll get a notification email from your lender upon loan approval. Then you’ll get the fast cash you need to take care of any purchases, bills or expenses you might have

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