Considering a Different View on the Payday Lending Industry in Utah

Dec 1, 2015 by

Considering a Different View on the Payday Lending Industry in Utah

Recently, the Utah Department of Financial Institutions – an agency that regulates Utah state financial services of payday lenders, banks and other financial service providers – published an annual report to the public. Those who keep track of these sorts of things are very happy to announce that the laws revealed in the report allow a measure of protection for consumers and provide borrowers with choices when it comes to credit. However, there seems to be some bad data with a topic that means a lot to many people.

The report from the DFI stated that there were more than 45,000 short term (payday) loans that were not fully paid off after 10 weeks. In reality, these 45,000 loans are just a drop in the bucket when compared to the hundreds of thousands of payday advance loans that are given in Utah every year. The majority of Utah citizens are able to fully repay their loans within 10 weeks. Those who cannot – who only represent about 7 percent of total borrowers – were able to make use of state sanctioned safeguards that allow them to enter into a two month repayment plan that prevents interest from accruing.

The 10 week safety cap is considered an important piece of state legislature, and was passed not because of government watchdog groups or angry letters to editors of local papers, but was passed because of urgings from actual payday lending companies. The payday lenders are the only financial companies that have regulated interest cap limits. These safeguards help to prevent consumers from getting trapped in cycles of seemingly never ending debt.

You could wrack your brain all day long and not be able to come up with any other financial institution that allows their loans to stop accruing interest, and extends payback periods, without imposing additional costs on consumers. The majority of payday lenders in Utah are more than happy to offer this option to their customers, and consider it a unique perk that other financial service providers are unable – or even unwilling – to provide to their customer base.

It is sad, then, to learn that the allegations of “debt cycles” is not quite as accurate as one might think. New legislation is trying to force payday lenders to verify whether or not a person is able to repay their loans prior to approving said loans. You would think, if you listened to the opponents of payday lending, that the lenders are actually looking for the types of borrowers who are unable to pay them back. This would be silly, of course, because lenders are giving loans from their own funds, and surely want to get paid back in order to stay in business.

No matter how many articles get written that paint payday lending companies in a bad light, and no matter how much certain liberal parties would like to attack payday lenders, the fact remains that this industry is in favor – at least in the state of Utah – of policing itself and doing all that it can in order to assist the minority of consumers who are unable to pay back their payday loans within ten weeks. Of course, you won’t read about this sort of thing on most liberal, mainstream websites. But the truth is the truth, and the truth is that payday lenders are taking more risk than other lenders, while still showing more compassion to their customers than any other financial service providers in existence today.

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Cash Advance Loans: Fast Cash Loans Online

Jul 3, 2013 by

Cash Advance Loans: Fast Cash Loans Online

When there are expenses looming, but little to no money in the old bank account, it’s a safe bet to say that time is of the essence when you really need to get some emergency cash. But how do you go about getting that fast cash access you need so bad? If you really want to get an online loan, without pawning your stuff or selling it outright, then you may just find that online personal loans are the obvious choice.

Cash Advance Loans and Bad Credit Loans: What’s the Difference?

They say that a rose by any other name smells just as sweet. Well, how does this little quote apply to online personal loans? It’s simple really; you see, online cash advance loans, bad credit loans and cash call loans are all very common terms used to describe the same type of loan. So, it really doesn’t matter which term you prefer to use, as you can get one of these loans online by taking a couple of minutes of your time to complete and submit our simple loan application form.

Unsecured personal loansPersonal_finance

We almost forgot to mention that your online cash advance loan is what is known as an unsecured loan. All this really means is you don’t have to offer any of your property – electronics, jewelry, vehicles, etc… – to receive an online personal loan today. The lenders who provide these loans do not require for any collateral whatsoever.

Cash Advance – How Much to Borrow?

When it is time to borrow money, you need to know the amount you can/should borrow. Payday lending companies usually offer loans to their customers in the $100 to $1500 range. It’s a good idea to plan according to your budgetary constraints to borrow the right amount of money.

Paying back your Payday Loans Online

The vast majority of people who take out payday loans actually pay back their lenders two weeks after they get their loan money. You should always ensure that you have adequate funds in your bank account when your loan repayment date arrives. Your loan payment happens via automated payment processing, so paying the loan couldn’t be easier. This all ties into the previous tip to make sure that you only borrow as much as you can pay back. This helps you to avoid filing for an extension and paying extra loan fees.

The Bottom Line on Fast cash Loans

For working people in need of a small cash advance, there’s no easier, more convenient way to do so then by applying for an online cash advance. You get the ability to apply for your loan from home, and never have to stress out about the hassles that are commonly associated with visiting the bank or local credit union when you find yourself seriously in need of some quick cash.

A Better Short Term Money Solution

Don’t go without money for weeks at a time! An online payday loan can help you to stay current on your bills, keep cash in your pocket or simply allow you to avoid the stresses that come with being flat broke.

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Bad Credit Loans: Fast Cash Loans for People with Bad Credit

Mar 29, 2013 by

Bad Credit Loans: Fast Cash Loans for People with Bad Credit

Have you noticed all the ads, commercials and websites dedicated to bad credit loans? These loans seem to be all the rage these days; and for good reason. There are lots of people who have felt the pain of recent, worldwide financial problems. From home foreclosures to unemployment, people have seen their credit scores plummet in recent years. But people with bad credit still need cash loans from time-to-time, so bad credit loans continue to rise in popularity.

Fast Cash Loans Bad Credit Facts

It’s important to understand a bit about these bad credit loans before you apply for one. The last thing you want is more financial difficulties, so please take the time to arm yourself with some facts about bad credit loans. Here are some facts for you to consider:

  • Bad credit loans are more convenient than long term bank loans.
  • Bad credit loans allow you to borrow small-to-medium amounts of money.
  • Bad credit loans are unsecured loans – no collateral is required.
  • Bad credit loans offer quick approval and fast delivery of your money.
  • When paid back on time, bad credit loans don’t require you to pay a lot of excessive loan fees.
  • You can take out these kinds of loans online, so they are more convenient than ever before.

317023-main_FullFast Cash Loans Online

It used to be that if you needed a cash loan that you would either have to go to the local bank or payday advance lending location. With the advent of online payday lenders, however, you simply don’t need to take much time out from your busy schedule to fuss around with the hassles of old school lending options. To make a long story short – online payday loans are the most convenient way to borrow money. If you have a busy life and don’t want to hassle with traditional loans, you’ll love how easy it is to apply for and get approved for your online payday advance loan.

What about Fast Cash Loans Reviews

You’ll notice that there are a lot of websites out there filled with reviews for popular payday lending companies. You don’t need to spend too much time on these websites, as you could literally spend hours reading one review after another. To help you avoid wasting your time on endless reviews, we have aligned this website with the top lenders. By submitting your loan application on this website, you’ll be assured that your loan application is matched up with one of the top lenders in the industry. No more wasting your time with yet more information overload.

Applying for Fast Cash Now

It’s really nice to know that you can apply for bad credit loans – right this very minute – if you should so choose. This website is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While you may experience a slight delay on loan approvals over the weekend or after hours, the majority of loan requests are responded to immediately. Our online loan application form is secure, easy to complete and ensures that your loan request is matched up with a top lender from our network in no time flat. It’s just never been so easy to apply for a cash loan as it is right now!

Bad Credit Loans Level the Financial Playing Field

Here’s the great news that people with bad credit have been waiting to hear: Bad credit loans allow you to get a small-to-medium sized cash loan no matter how bad your credit score is. The lenders in our network simply don’t use your credit history when they are approving loans. This means that you have the same chance of borrowing a short term personal loan as someone with picture perfect credit. There’s no doubt about it – bad credit loans have leveled the playing field and allow just about everyone to qualify for loans when they need them.

index.26Money for Emergencies and Everyday Expenses

You never know what kind of expenses you are going to deal with at any given time. You might have a late bill that needs to be paid immediately, costly car repair bills or even just need some cash to hold you over until you get paid at work. Regardless of what you need money for, bad credit loans can provide you with the cash you need.

Cash Loans Make Life Less Stressful

If you recently discovered that you really need cash, but don’t have enough money in your bank account, don’t let it get you stressed out or down. You now know how easy it is to get fast money online via our network of the top bad credit loans lenders. Don’t waste another minute – get your loan application submitted right now and fast money may very well be on its way to you within just a day or two.

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Fast Cash Loan Reviews: How to Find the Best Fast Cash Loans Online

Mar 27, 2013 by

Fast Cash Loan Reviews: How to Find the Best Fast Cash Loans Online

There are some websites out there that will absolutely bombard you with tons of their fast cash loans reviews. You’ll find that these websites usually specialize in putting up favorable reviews for lenders, in the hope that you’ll click on one of those lenders’ online advertisements. We have avoided this particular practice and break the mold when it comes to helping put people like you in touch with the top payday loans lenders. So if you’ve had it with all the ads and bogus fast cash loan reviews, let’s talk about the facts you need to know when taking out a payday advance loan online.

Fast Cash Loans Online – The Convenient Lending Option

freedom1You’ll find that when you apply for your loan here you actually end up working with the top payday loans lenders around. We have made every effort to ensure that this website only works with the most respected, professional payday loans lenders in the country. You don’t have to weed through endless fast cash loan reviews to get in touch with these lenders. All you have to do is fill out our intuitive and secure online loan application form. We’ll then match up your loan request with the best lenders in our network. The end result is that you get the loan you need from a reputable payday lender.

Bad Credit Loans – Fast Cash Loans Bad Credit Borrowers Need to Know About

If you’ve hesitated to apply for an online loan review because some of the fast cash loan reviews you read mentioned credit checks, you’ll be glad to know that our network of preferred payday lenders do not use your credit score to determine whether or not you get a loan. You’ll never have to deal with a credit check or bad credit blowing your chances of getting a loan when you apply for your payday loans on this website.

Fast Cash Now for Your Important Expenses

One of the best things about getting payday loans – something you don’t often see mentioned in most fast cash loan reviews – is the fact that you can use your payday loan money for any expense at all. Our lenders never ask you to justify why you are borrowing money, so you can spend the money you borrow on anything you want. You may have a late bill to pay or just want some cash in your pocket; it doesn’t matter what you do with the money you borrow, and your lender will never ask you why you are applying for your loan.

Don’t Waste Too Much Time on Fast Cash Loan Reviews – Get Money Now!

Now is the time to stop wasting time reading all of those fast cash loan review, and to actually get in touch with the best network of payday lenders around. Fill out our loan request form and you may very well be on your way to getting fast cash by this time tomorrow.

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Fast Cash Loans: Common Questions About Payday Loans Answered

Jan 25, 2013 by

Fast Cash Loans: Common Questions About Payday Loans Answered

If you’ve been noticing all the newspaper, television and online ads for fast cash loans from payday lenders, chances are you have a few questions you’d like to ask about these types of loans. It seems that for better or worse the media just can’t quit talking about these types of loans. So we decided it was high time someone took the time to really answer the most common questions people have about fast cash loans once and for all. Find out the answers to these frequently asked questions for yourself by reading every word of this article.

Why Do People Need Fast Cash Loans?

Many people wonder why people would need to take out fast cash loans in the first place. Well there are as many answers to that question as there are people who take out these loans. Payday advance loans come in handy when people have emergency bills to pay. For example, if you’ve ever had to pay an unexpected medical bill or an emergency repair bill, you know what it’s like to need access to quick money. Other people decide to apply for fast cash loans to get money for fun stuff, like purchasing gifts, going out with friends or even taking a weekend trip. You can pretty much assume that fast cash loans can be taken out for just about any type of pressing financial need.bad_credit_loans

What Are The Benefits of Fast Cash Loans?

Now that you know why people take out fast cash loans, let’s talk about the benefits of these loans. After all, if people are regularly relying on payday advance loans there have to be some darned good reasons, right? Well, there are actually quite a few benefits to consider. For starters, fast cash loans get you the money you need without a long waiting period. Most people get their loans in about 24 hours after they are approved. And since payday loans are paid back on your next payday, you get the benefit of a very short term loan that is paid off in full within just a week or two. As you can see there are actually quite a few benefits to choosing fast cash loans for your emergency monetary needs.

You Can Get Fast Cash Loans Online

You don’t even have to go to a local payday advance location to get your money. You can apply for your fast cash loans online any time of the day. This helps you to avoid driving to a remote location to apply for your loan and waiting in long lines at a lender’s location. Simply go online and fill out our secure online application and you are on your way to fast money.

Why Do They Call Them Bad Credit Loans?

When you apply for fast cash loans bad credit doesn’t matter. The top lenders in our exclusive network of payday lenders do not require credit checks at all. This means that even if you’ve had the worst kinds of credit problems, those problems won’t stop you from borrowing the precise amount of money that you need. It’s nice to know that your credit score isn’t the be-all-end-all when it comes to getting approved for fast cash loans, isn’t it?

Fast Cash Loans Reviews

When people are looking to get the best fast cash loans they often spend hours reading fast cash loans reviews and looking all over the Internet. Thankfully, you don’t have to do that any more. We have relations with a huge network of the top ranked, most trusted online payday lenders. All you have to do is fill out the secure, intuitive online application to get your loan request submitted to our network of the very best fast cash loans lenders today.

How Can I Get Fast Cash Now?

As we said, we’ve taken out all the hard work associated with finding reliable, trustworthy payday loans lenders. If you’re in need of some fast money all you have to do is fill out our secure online form to instantly submit your fast cash loans application for approval. There really isn’t an easier way to get your loan request into the hands of the best fast cash lenders.

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